Interface ResourceMethodCustomInvokerDispatchProvider

public interface ResourceMethodCustomInvokerDispatchProvider

Service-provider interface for creating RequestDispatcher instances.

An implementation (a service-provider) identifies itself by placing a provider-configuration file (if not already present), "" in the resource directory META-INF/services, and including the fully qualified service-provider-class of the implementation in the file.

This interface is similar to ResourceMethodDispatchProvider, but allows to use a custom JavaMethodInvoker instance, which will be used to make the final Java method call.


Method Summary
 RequestDispatcher create(AbstractResourceMethod abstractResourceMethod, JavaMethodInvoker invoker)
          Create a RequestDispatcher for a resource method of a resource.

Method Detail


RequestDispatcher create(AbstractResourceMethod abstractResourceMethod,
                         JavaMethodInvoker invoker)
Create a RequestDispatcher for a resource method of a resource.

abstractResourceMethod - the abstract resource method.
invoker - custom Java method invoker instance
the request dispatcher, otherwise null if it could not be created for the abstract resource method.

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